Can you install a swing set in my area?

Enter your zip code on the product or installation page to check for availability in your area.

Where can I see your swing sets?

The Cedar High Flyer and Redwood Circus are available through select Home Depot stores. Not all stores will have a display. Call us and we can help you find a displaying store near you.

How level does my ground need to be?

The installation area needs to be level within 3 inches. Also remove any stumps, rocks or other hazards.

Do you sell individual parts for your sets?

Yes, Kid’s Creations sells various accessories that are compatible with both of our models. Be sure to check out our infant swing, buoy ball and two person glider.

How much does it cost to install your swing sets?

Our Home Depot Prices include Free installation and delivery within 25 miles of a participating Home Depot location.

What material are your roofs made with?

Our base model swing sets include a heavy-duty vinyl canopy. An optional solid wood roof is available as an option

What is the warranty on your models?

Redwood Circus

  • Limited Lifetime warranty on all redwood play sets and wood components
  • 3-year warranty on hardware/accessories
  • 1-year warranty on ropes and vinyl canopies.

Cedar High Flyer:

  • 5-year limited warranty on all cedar play set and wood components
  • 3-year warranty on hardware/accessories
  • 1-year warranty on ropes and vinyl canopies.

Can the swings and accessories be changed out easily?

Yes, our swings, buoy ball, infant swing and two person glider are connected using “quick clips” which allows for easy changes.

How long until I have to replace the vinyl canopy?

Vinyl canopy replacement will vary depending on how much sun and wind its gets exposed to. We recommend removing the vinyl canopy during the winter to extend the life of the product.

My set has some cracks in the wood. Can I get it replaced?

Small cracks or “checking” is naturally occurring in all types of wood species used outdoors and does not effect the strength or durability of the wood. However, if you have a particular piece you have a question about please give us a call.

What do I need to know about California Redwood?

California Redwood is known for its rich beauty, natural decay resistance and long-lasting performance. Redwood is less likely to warp, split, cup or check than other wood. With redwood you get both natural beauty and quality performance.

What do I need to know about Cedar?

Our imported Cedar is naturally decay resistance. The small knot structure and excellent stability make it a great alternative to our redwood swing sets.

What is “Checking”?

Checking is considered small cracks along the growth ring wood. This occasionally happens during the harvesting and drying process and is considered purely aesthetic.

Where is your manufacturing plant located?

We proudly manufacture our redwood play sets in Monroe, Michigan.

Do I need to stain my set?

All of our swing sets are factory stained.

Are the installers trained, insured, etc.?

Yes, our experienced professional installers are bonded and insured making the entire installation process worry-free.

How is my set delivered and installed?

Our professional installer will arrive on the scheduled installation date and will install the swing set in your backyard.

How far away does my swing set need to be from other objects?

ASTM guidelines recommended a 6ft. safety perimeter around your play set as well as overhead.

Am I responsible for making sure a swing set can be installed in my backyard?

Yes, the customer is responsible for complying with any Homeowner’s Association regulations and restrictive covenants.

What ages are your play sets and accessories recommended for?

Our swing sets and accessories are intended for use by children ages 3 to 11 years.

I own a business. Can I purchase one of your play sets?

Our swing sets are designed for residential use only.

Still have questions? No problem. Chat with our play set specialists online now.

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